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Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par Lots of spoilers… don’t come to find me and kick my ass after reading this.Yea, might be lots of grammatical errors also…

I wanted to watch this movie on the first day of its release, but because of some final year project hiccups, i had to watch this movie on the third day of its release. Santra watched this movie on the second day (late night show at 10:55.. ) but when I told her that we would be watching this movie on Sunday night, she readily accepted. She told us that she had been to the movie on Saturday with “THE GIRLS”. She spoke high of the movie and told me and suchit that the girls started crying at the end of the movie, holding each others hands (suchit burst out into laughter as he heard this… ). Anyways boka joined us late for the movie and so we leave for the 10 o clock show of “Taare Zameen Par”. We reached Jade and started doing the guys stuff. One girl, think her name was dimpy (pet name mightbe) was well dressed and beautiful. I was worried about how could there be any names like dimpy while boka didnt like the way she talked and this discussion went on until her husband came into the scene. Now we had to shift gears and talk about something. Indrani Santra on the other hand was watching us like we were some retarded guys who never saw girls in their lives. Trust me, if we would never have seen girls, the situation wd have been much worse. Anyways, the movie started and we 4 got out seats. Me, suchit, boka and indrani in a line.

Now it was time for the titles. The titles came and there was a cartoon animation on the screen. I was dazzled at the way they made it. This animation would take a month to make and as I was carefully following the animation, I started hearing a small child laugh. I turned back to see that child (girl, mightbe 8-9 years) was sitting behind me and she was laughing sooo cutely looking at that animation (i didnt want to mess with her smile which would stop if she notices that a strange boy with bad hair was turning back and looking at her, i quickle turned towards the acreen again). I was listenin to that cute smile for the rest of the titles.

The titles ended and I could see Ishaan Awasthi catching fish (there was his marks reading earlier which i did take a note of, the teachers were looking good). Hmm… I thought. He didnt play with his friends. OK. He went back to his house, threw his exam papers to the dogs. I was like “he’s awesome dude, that’s the way to go”. He goes home, I was quiet happy with his happy family, especially his mom. She was sooo sooo adorable ( all moms are). He picks up a fight, he bunks the class, he goes roaming on the roads. I dont have an idea of how big Bombay is, but i have seen him on the cement rocks on the sea shore, a railway station, bombay gate… is it possible to roam all round bombay by evening… . Anyways you people would start aurgiving that the movie shouldnt be watched like that. Okies. The boy notices all that is happening on the mumbai roads and looks quiet amused. That day night he comes back to his room and makes this awesome painting(or whatever it is called) of a “gali ka ice cream”. I normally do make fun of modern and abstract art, but this one was really amazing. This was his all time best creation for me. Then there is this absent note thingie that night which he asks his brother to write for him. It reminded me of my brother waking me up at 2 am one night and asking me to finish his vacation home work, or else his teacher would trash him to death the next day and i spent the rest of the night doing his homework while he was bloody sleeping. His dad discovers the absent note and all hell breaks lose for the kid. I do understand why peole get upset when someone says their boy is having some problem, they should get a jist of it themselves.

Anyways our ishaan is sent to the hostel. I have never left my mom before coming to NTU. I had a bad home sickness for quiet some time. This thing really would put someone in a very bad state of mind. Staying away from someone whom you love so bad, and that too at such a young age. Parents… okies.. understandable… they dont want to believe that their child had a problem. There was this song then, “Tumko pata hain, hain na maa” which was really good but u know i have to find out something that could be made better. I suggested to suchit that it would have been better if this song were made to be sung by a child artist and he responded in a funny way saying “yes director saabh, i agree with u”. The teachers over there seem to be very strict. Was i in such a school. Yea think so. It was like the toppers are always appreciated and the bottemers are abused and scolded. I was one of the toppers in my school and Junior College. But i have been facing the bottom for quiet sometime now with my IA supervisor and FYP supervisor :P. Leaving my part and coming back to the story… the art teacher was very bad and so were the Hindi and English teachers (noted point that no good female teachers around).  I remembered my first dream of becoming a teacher when i was 9 years. I told this to my mom and she started laughin . i was thinkin of things and….

and someone started hitting on my shoulder… I turn to my side to look at Suchit sir again. He started saying “abe logon ko dekh, almost rone kaa haalat ho gaya”. He has entered a phase where the movie started looking slow for him. The emotions of the kid when he doesnt talk to his parents who came back, runs round on the basketball court (man i started running like that from this semester, u know bloody job search and fyp an all, I was advised not to run like that by the doctors later because i was too lean to do that (kiddin), this guy is a real genius that he discovered this technique long back). I could see that his self esteem was really low and he couldn’t get into anything but fall into the vicious circle of depression. The boy started to like heights. This scared me to death. Again suchit started pushing me to see all round. After a quiet glance i went back to my movie.

Here comes my most favouriate bollywood HERO Aamir Khan (actually ajay devgan stands high for acting but his looks are a bit bad, so an overall judgement went to Aamir. Shahruk likes crying and so do girls, so i leave shah rukh for girls. Plz dont mention sallus name here, I banged my head to a wall after watching his Partner and i wasnt accurate enough in calculating the force which resulted in a swelling on my forehead for quiet some time. Hrithik is coming up; i still have to see some very mature acting from him after koi mil gaya). He is this very unconventional teacher which i dreamt of becoming. He realizes that Ishaan was sad, he was suffering from dyslexia and he heads towards Ishaan’s house. He is a very noble person who works for the welfare of dyslexic and special kids. He sees himself in Ishaan. One scene where Aamir offers tea to a dhaba child was touching. My eyes went moist for a moment.

He finds Ishaan’s house finally and explains to his parents about Ishaan’s problem. Typical parents, dont want to believe that their child is special. Aamir discovers the talent of Ishaan. He goes back. Helps Ishaan gain back his self confidence. I could see the lighting up faces of people in the theatre. I was happy too when ishaan made that creative boat (how did he manage to do that, I am supposed to be an engineer and i need at least a day to make stuff like that, that too with the help of internet). Anyways coming back, i was happy for him. I was happy when Ishaan was becoming a normal kid in studies and was very happy to see his dad realize that he was making a mistake.

Aamir was good at acting; i cannot say that he was incredible. Though, i would give no second thought in saying that he had done an incredible job in directing. He gave enough time for the normal audience to feel the pain and joy of the boy.

Aamir organizes an art mela. Really wonderful. I remember that something like that was organized in my class once. The look on the art teacher’s face, i still do remember. She thought that i was suffering from dyslexia while painting. She picked up my wet paper and placed it away from the rest of the collected papers. Coming back to the movie again, the art mela was well arranged… ishaan comes in late and gets to his work. Ishaan submits his painting to Nikumbh (our Aamir) and goes to see whats on Nikumbh’s canvas. This scene is one of the best scenes and i stood delighted even as Ishaan went on to hug Nikumbh. And coming back to my senses, i felt some moistness in my eyes, more than the earlier one . I felt that earlier too, when the mom was looking at the video and started crying. At this instant even was very much into the scene himself. I was like.. dude this is the masterpiece. I saw Ishaan getting back to normal and the delightful bond which he had with Nikumbh. Wow, that was a sight to behold.

I came out, i had a smile on my face. Suchit said that the movie was good but it ran slow at times. Me, boka and Indu explained to him the meaning of this slowness. Anyways can’t blame him. He is always fast. Graduated fast, wants to complete his FYP fast and go back home fast and join job fast and become a millionaire fast…. Later on, Santra was asking for a husband like Nikumbh. Pleaseeeee, will the girls really marry a guy like Nikumbh?? She asks me “why wouldnt I”?? And i said, “he doesnt have money”. She says that it is ok as he has lots of other things. Then she thinks for a moment and rephrases her comment… A guy like Nikumbh who has inherited lots of property. Then they would live a life happily ever after teaching in the school. Man Girls. How could they overlook the fact that Nikumbh can one day become a very famous artist? Don’t they have any sense of investment?? 😛 . Anyways, its difficult for a guy who is struggling to find love. If he did that, that wd be called as true love.

Would like to end, hoping that this society will learn something from this movie and recognize the stars of this world. Anyway guys, i dont think people will reach till here, but if u did, thnx for readin. I know that it wasnt a very good review, it was the story.. with a bit of my story which u might or might not want to know. Its my blog after all. Haffun, will come back later… Bloody FYP. Khuda aafis.


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