Darr ke aagey jeet hai. Conquer fear and you can conquer anything.

Every evening in my summer holidays, me and my cousin brothers would gather around our grandfather and pester him to tell us stories. He was a very religious man. I owe all my Hindu mythological knowledge to him. He told us stories of all the avatars of Lord Vishnu in general (he being an ardent devotee of Tirupathi Balaji) and that of Ramayana and Mahabharata in specific. In all his stories, he always told made a point to tell us that all of these great legends had one thing in common, they CONQUERED Fear.

As my grandfather would explain, failure exists only in one’s imagination. We fear failure, because we fear criticism, ridicule or rejection. But the truth is that anyone who has been successful has failed at some stage of their life. From failure comes knowledge of what works and what doesn’t; from failure comes knowledge of one’s strengths and weaknesses and it’s from failure that one begins a more determined attempt to achieve success.

It is a fact that in our society we ridicule failure. Rather than encourage people to take the road less traveled, we discourage them. There is encouragement to conform to a set pattern rather than stand out in a crowd. This is why failing an exam or a new venture is feared. Fear is a paralyzing, destructive emotion, one that can interfere significantly with your physical health, mental stability or professional and social life.

Setbacks, disappointments, rejections and unsuccessful attempts can be called failures. They are steps to success. How one deals with a setback determines the success of the next step. A sudden setback can be seen as a brick wall. It can also be seen as a stepping stone. It’s the way one perceives it that determines whether an unsuccessful attempt turns into a failure.

Absolute failure is about not trying to do new things; it’s about lack of conviction; it’s about giving up.


Yea, so i think this was on 22nd of June 2006 if i remember the day properly. Me, my uncle and my grandparents were touring the north Island of New Zea land, we reached Taupo the previous day. I was told by mu uncle that I could do many adventure sports in this place, Sky diving (he already did that, I even got to see the video of it), Bungee, rafting etc.

Next day morning, I chose skydiving! Quiet impulsive! You start falling off from a plane which is at an altitude of 10,000 feet and fall for almost 4 mins (if i am not wrong) to an altitude of 4000 feet. The para sailor who is along with you opens up ur parachute at this altitude and u slowly fall in an awesome taupo lake with water at freezing 3 degrees! (Dude i havent gone below 19 degrees my entire life!). As all these thoughts were going on in my mind at the sky diving sport center, one personnel walks to my uncle and informs him that sky diving is closed for the day because the winds are too strong for para sailing after the diving part. I was like, WTFFF!! So i had to make to with Bungee now!! Damn!

SO we moved towards Taupo Bungee center. We took a ticket, 200 NZ$, they would give me a vide and 3 pics. And if i come back in the next six months, i can do this for just 60$… blah blah. Slowly i started getting excited about this too! There was a queue, quiet some number of people were to bungee before it was my chance. My uncle and grand parents went to a distant spot so that they could get a better view of my bungee. There was music (think you can listen to the noisy misic in this video). I was laughing at people who were scared to do the bungee!! Sometimes it was couples, two people bungeeing togather (Damn!! I will come back and do this couple thingie sometime, i thought!). [For the gulti guys, it was seriously like brahmanandam in Nuvvu Naku Nachavu movie, before he was on the roller coaster].

BTW, the bungee parameters, 149 feet~ 50 meters.

I got into the jumping cabin and that is where this video starts. You can see me tapping my feet to the music in the beginning. Too excited to bungee!! Afterall I can come back and boast about this to my friends!! I was too excited. If u see the video carefully, you will find that i already got out once even before the instructor girl asked me to. I was made to sit down again (she wasnt done with tying my legs properly yet!!). Finally when the tying part was done, i was taken to the edge. I looked down.

PANICCCCCCC!!!! WTF, I AM NOT OUT OF MY MIND!! I AM NOT BLOODY GONNA DO THIS!! ARE PEOPLE MAD TO JUMP FROM THESE HEIGHTS?!?! AND THAT TOO “ULTA LATKOFYING” (hanging upside down)?!?! Was i breathing?!, i dont remember, all i remember was that i was clinging to the nearest THING (as u can see from the video). I BLOODY DONT KNOW HOW TO SWIM AND I AM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS!! I AM HYDROPHIC TOO!!

Vanga: I dont want to do this!!

Instructor: This is bungee, it is scary, thats why people do it!!

Vanga: No i dont want to do this!! (but yea, uncle already paid 200$, if i dont do this bungee now, my uncle will throw me off this bungee place without a rope…)

Instructor: So you dont want to do it?!

Vanga: OK!! I will be doing it, but please start releasing the bungee rope once i jump so that i will have lesser impact and I can get down faster! (bloody hell, i was thinking of physics at this point of time! Unbelievable!!).

Instructor: OK! (that woman knew she wouldn’t do all this!! she tactified me :S).

Vanga: ( Thinking of something to control phobias ___________________________ ). [Guys cannot blog what i was thinking :P]

Instructor: Look at the camera and smile!! Rise your hands! Look there ( I was like, is there some other guy taking a picture of mine from that far?)


For the next 2 minutes, i dont know what the hell was happening. I didnt scream a bit, i was rolling and rolling, I couldnt touch the water beneath (my jump tactics weren’t right!! BECAUSE I WAS BLOODY PUSHED :S). Slowly i was pulled back up by the string, my heart was not beating, I was not shouting. Everything was as silent as death, all i felt was my body falling free and being pulled back up again and again.

Then the rescue (everything was still silent), they slowly started releasing the tight rope. The raft beneath got me into it. They dropped me on the shore, the sounds started coming back into my ears! I could now feel that I am breathing and a question popped up… did i breathe all this time?! Because i want breathing normally, I was breathing as if I have been deprived of air for last 100 years!!

And now a sense of achievement started filling my heart!! I ran up to where my uncle and grand parents were standing!! I started thinking: How would it have been if i did a 4 minute free fall from sky diving?! Simple…. I would not be here to write this post…

God & Rehman!

AR RahmanAR Rahman!! Won the Oscar and gave the entire credit to God. He said he had two choices. Love and Hate. He chose Love and he is here because of it. On the same Dias, the guy who was announcing the results of best documentary film (dont know his name) , said that he made a documentary on how the concept and belief in “Gods” is costing humanity a lot. Two very contradictory events happenin on this dais (totally independent though).

Rahman, known as a very peace loving person, very humble, down to earth, genius, has been able to achieve something extraordinary because he believed in the true message of religion, Peace. He has the whole of India, 1 billion population worshippin him like a God now! No one even cares if he is a Hindu or a Muslim. He became a symbol of integrity among all Indians! He WANTED Oscar because it would bring happiness to about a billion people and not because he wanted some recognition from it. And as far as I believe, when someone persons ultimate goal is to achieve fame of some sort and not the work that he is doing, it would be very difficult for him to reach the pinnacle of his efficiency. He has done it. He chose love because he believed in something called God, he believed in the true message of God.

When it comes to the announcer who made a documentary on how Gods are being too costly for humanity, I am sure that he would have thought about the Taliban, various other Muslim militant groups! I did not watch his documentary, but I am very sure that Israel-Hamas conflict, Taliban would have taken more than 80% of his screen time. A Muslim, AR Rahman, has made India so proud! All of India (Hindus, Muslims, etc), prayed (within themselves, if not to their respective Gods), that they could see him receive an Oscar. A sense of Integrity was created in all of us by this person who truly believed in God. And there is Taliban, a terrorist group, which with its twisted minds ( as i said, they need psychiatrists), is  committing some of the most gruesome crimes on humanity, spreading hatred and vice. I believe that one person who believes in the true values of Religion is much more powerful than an entire organization which is promoting terror.

In my personal opinion, God,  is one of the greatest inventions of Mankind.  He was invented so that people believe in something good, myths created to select our role models and live life king size. What makes us, is within us. Being more religious implies being more discipline and implies, living life with much more control and better values.

This is my way of saying Hats-Off to AR Rahman!

(This article was inspired from a small talk with Vani, a die hard fan of AR Rehman.)

Anviti and the Joker!!

Now this i say is BAD!!! Come on man, for once someone acknowledge the fact that I am handsome!!! Of late i have been playing a lot with children of a cousin sister. Two US (ABCDs) born children, Sohan (8 year old the boy) and Anvithi (5 year old girl). I myself seem to love children a lot and my brother is even better in this business(a bit kiddish though, he starts fighting with the children if by any chance the child starts disliking him).

These two kids dont seem to be differentiating between me and my brother. I, as usual try to make them laugh with my goofy acts (which i dont think need much explanation!) and i see is that they laugh. This method might have some serious problems in real life, where u might be considered as a fool for doing such kind of things…. With these children it wont be much of a problem..It is nice to see them laugh! And my brother follows a different method, he makes them happy by giving them whatever they want, getting Anvithi Barbie games and Sohan some PSP games…

There was this conversation that had been initiated by the children, that my brother looks huge and i look like the smaller one(with these children itself), and i was teasin my brother to be too huge (obese, which he aint anyways).. the kids started acknowledgin the fact, and i was happy for a while… Who thought my happiness was short lived!!

Later the four of us planned to go out and my bro was in front of the dressing table… gettin ready. Anviti saw him and said that he looked handsome!! OK, this was bearable, I couldnt sit quiet and had to ask her Who was more handsome, me or my brother?? ( donno if it wd have helped if i simply asked her if i was handsome :S )

TAKKK came the reply!!                          U look more like a joker!!

Haah!! It has already been two weeks since i came back home, watchin cricket, the ongoing cricket series between india and lanka, MAN THE PATHAN BROTHERS!! they were really awesome yesterday, hittin a massive 60 runs of 25 balls!! I thought it shd be yusuf who shd do most of the work as irfan was out of form, but soon irfan overtook yusuf!! I hav always been a fan of Irfan pathan, i dont know whats holdin him back after so much experience in international cricket, why does he lose form with the ball and bat!

Mean time, it is elections time in India and with various legislative assemblies startin in states like UP and AP, is giving ample entertainment for people all over india! Some people in UP assembly threw paper balls on the governer. Was hearing the AP assembly session for a while and was totally awed by the stupid meanings that one politician makes out of others remarks and vice versa. Satyam issue was being discussed yday here. Both Chandrababu and Rajashekar reddy were aweful, chandrababu leading the charts.

And yea, there was a poll which showed that MAYAVATI could become the next prime minister!! Man, that day, i donno what wd happen… NO COMMENTS!! Hope u people get what I mean. The BJP, allies and all started the issue of babri masjid. This time for the minorities strangely, all these parties are apologisin,… Kalyan singh is!

And one more thing to take into notice during the election campaign is the Terrorist Issue!! Al-quida warnin India, that India shdnt attack pakistan, how very funny!! And yesterday itself i was considering to get into the army (I dont think i will qualify their physical criteria anyways). Seems there is some strong feeling among people that BJP shd come into power so that they take some strict actions against terrorism in the neighboring country, the world’s leading, deadly terrorist breeding centre seems!! India has already been termed as a very soft state when it comes to terrorism by some of the US diplomats. US doesnt seem to be caring much, but i think India shd, we are right beside this terror shit hole man!!

Next topic, did watch luck by chance yday, was a nice movie! I give it 4 stars. U people might have watched already, just in case. Thats it for now!! So have fun and take care.

Love Indyaa!!

In India!! I was in home most of the time. On 3rd of February I think, I went to apply for a bike and car driving license. They made the method quiet strict it seems! One needs to stay in India for a month (minimum to convert his learning license into a Driving license). Some computerized system!

My dad already called some uncle of mine to make our process easier. I went to the license centre (RTO Office), and filled up the form for learning license. Was in line for 45 god damn minutes man!! I have not been in a line for so long! (Last time I was in line, might be marches when Indus parents came to Singapore). Much worse this was, because it was an Indian line man!! Some people used to just come in between the line, and people behind me would call them and ask them to leave, gali galouch etc etc. I was maintaining a distance of 2 inches from the person in front of me. And the guy standing behind me, already dangerously close to me, was asking me to close in that 2 inches of gap :S !! Guys, haven’t u heard the concept of “gay stuff”! Got used to it a lot in spore where I have a couple of bisexual friends (I aint one of them!!). Finally done with the payment of chaalan fees. 60 rupees for car with gears, and 30 for bike with gears. Now comes the RECOMMANDITION TIME ;). My dad already called one of the officials in the RTO head quarters; he called the sub quarters, where I was getting my license issued. There was a procedure after paying the chaalan.

1) These people will take a photo and thumb impression

2) Then there will be a test, multiple choice traffic test or something.

Since I am a recommendation candidate, I directly went in and met the authorized person. He sent me into the photo room immediately, took the thumb impression, Gave me a chair to sit before my number could be called for the test. And when my number came, I went in to give the test. I am like what the hell shd I do!! I donno shit abt the Indian traffic rules. Two people beside me were writing their own test. I started to get a little bit worried. The test started and I was like WTFFFFF, the test questions are in telugu and I need to complete 20 questions in 20 mins. God save me and I started the test! Read the first sentence of the question and by that time the instructor came in and marked all the answers in 1 min, I scored 19/20… I came out. Haaaah… I have a learning license now! Why wouldn’t I love India man!! Tell me!! This is India!!

Apart from that nothing much friends, normal going….. Hope u people havin a nice time. Catchya later!!

First day home!

I am here, I am home… The plane ride was pretty fucked up, probably the most fucked up journey ever!! Slept for 3 hours in the nite and bad mood swings with that stupid ass inturepted sleep cycles in the planes… And i was goin home. Didnt know what to expect and as i thought, didnt seem it was the same reception that it used to be earlier…

Came home frm airport, new airport in hyderabad!! After i came out, my bro asked me how the airport was. I replied : its ok.. Donno if he felt a bit pissed off but he started shouted that he told me that this is the biggest airport in asia and he just asked me for the heck of it and he doesnt care abt my review of airport.

Came home, he was applyin to some MBA college, with cat score. Had to write some essay answer for him in 1 hour or so. I was already tired. But yea, cannot say no to him!! Did that, collected his photos, went to the GPO where there was a 24 hour speed post!! I didnt know that!

Home air, very polluted!!  Riding on the bike with my brother (which is always like a rash drive on the roas, i dont mind it though, hes good enuf), think my hair is gonna get screwed soon and donno abt my skin, but who cares!!

Guys, today was totally weird.  Yea, did laugh a bit though with bro!! Too sleepy to type humorous stuff. Were mostly teasin an uncle of mine (2 years older only :P).