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God & Rehman!

AR RahmanAR Rahman!! Won the Oscar and gave the entire credit to God. He said he had two choices. Love and Hate. He chose Love and he is here because of it. On the same Dias, the guy who was announcing the results of best documentary film (dont know his name) , said that he made a documentary on how the concept and belief in “Gods” is costing humanity a lot. Two very contradictory events happenin on this dais (totally independent though).

Rahman, known as a very peace loving person, very humble, down to earth, genius, has been able to achieve something extraordinary because he believed in the true message of religion, Peace. He has the whole of India, 1 billion population worshippin him like a God now! No one even cares if he is a Hindu or a Muslim. He became a symbol of integrity among all Indians! He WANTED Oscar because it would bring happiness to about a billion people and not because he wanted some recognition from it. And as far as I believe, when someone persons ultimate goal is to achieve fame of some sort and not the work that he is doing, it would be very difficult for him to reach the pinnacle of his efficiency. He has done it. He chose love because he believed in something called God, he believed in the true message of God.

When it comes to the announcer who made a documentary on how Gods are being too costly for humanity, I am sure that he would have thought about the Taliban, various other Muslim militant groups! I did not watch his documentary, but I am very sure that Israel-Hamas conflict, Taliban would have taken more than 80% of his screen time. A Muslim, AR Rahman, has made India so proud! All of India (Hindus, Muslims, etc), prayed (within themselves, if not to their respective Gods), that they could see him receive an Oscar. A sense of Integrity was created in all of us by this person who truly believed in God. And there is Taliban, a terrorist group, which with its twisted minds ( as i said, they need psychiatrists), is  committing some of the most gruesome crimes on humanity, spreading hatred and vice. I believe that one person who believes in the true values of Religion is much more powerful than an entire organization which is promoting terror.

In my personal opinion, God,  is one of the greatest inventions of Mankind.  He was invented so that people believe in something good, myths created to select our role models and live life king size. What makes us, is within us. Being more religious implies being more discipline and implies, living life with much more control and better values.

This is my way of saying Hats-Off to AR Rahman!

(This article was inspired from a small talk with Vani, a die hard fan of AR Rehman.)


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new year was gonna begin in some time…. 2008…

I was sitting on the uneven steps by the side of canal, watching the twinkling water flow by, cool breeze touching my forehead constantly as if it was brushing my hair with its ‘air’y hand, and occasionally there a motor boat was traveling in the canal leaving a trail of strong triangular ripples. As these ripples touched the steps (the side of canal), there was a splash of water disturbing the silence for a moment. It didn’t disturb me though. I was amused with these things like a child would be amused by a new toy. I was enjoying the clear sky by the canal side in Clarke quay. I was amused, “how has time been passing?” “time certainly was passing very slowly as i led my life”, “but why do i still feel that time zipped fast from 2007 to 2008”. Anyways this is what we all feel after a year finishes.

I could hear the countdown for the New Year start. Was it a nearby pub?? might be, but i was well seated by the side of a canal in this people rich place of Clarke quay. The crowd was immense, but i wasn’t feeling disturbed. It was all happening behind me. On the other side of the canal, i could see brewerkz.. lots of lighting… people making merry. Countdown still ringing in my ears, 10… 9 ..8…7..6..5..4..3..2..1..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Sprays and foams all over. People spraying at each other, guys taking this chance to get a smile, and even a hand shake if possible from beautiful girls, couples having fun, children running around…

It was all very wonderful to watch. I was still seated on these steps. The pomp and glamor slowly died. There was still lot of crowd having fun. But i have along way to go before i rest. I got up from those steps. Walked back to the MRT silently. I did meet strangers wishing me a happy new year on my way. I replied them with a pleasant smile, “same to you, haffun”. One of them was holding a spray by the side of the road, the breeze did the rest of the work for him, sticking the foam onto the faces of the passers by. New year was here. I was on my return journey to NTU.

Quiet and Peace. A wonderful world. Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 🙂

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I measure every Grief I meet

With narrow, probing, Eyes –

I wonder if It weighs like Mine –

Or has an Easier size.


I wonder if They bore it long –

Or did it just begin –

I could not tell the Date of Mine –

It feels so old a pain –


I wonder if it hurts to live –

And if They have to try –

And whether – could They choose between –

It would not be – to die –


I note that Some – gone patient long –

At length, renew their smile – 

An imitation of a Light

That has so little Oil –


I wonder if when Years have piled – 

Some Thousands – on the Harm – 

That hurt them early – such a lapse

Could give them any Balm – 


Or would they go on aching still

Through Centuries of Nerve –

Enlightened to a larger Pain – 

In Contrast with the Love – 

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