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Conflicts Stand

It is happening around the world. ‘Conflict’ is the most apt word that I can choose.

It all started with revolutions across Africa and Middle East a couple of years back. My house agent in Singapore was worried to sell her Land in Native Egypt at Revolution Prizes. Revolution Spread. But were the rebels bound by a single ideology, or were against one? I prefer to think that it was the later.

Slowly it turned out that there was a war in Syria. One fine morning I saw Bashar al-Assad justify himself on Bloomberg. I thought that he was a very decent and presentable guy, probably he was correct. Probably the first nations had some ulterior motives to disgrace him by accusing him of using chemical weapons. There was a Conflict, between right and wrong I thought.

Things slowly turned to Ukraine. Russian vested interests had made the matter even more complicated. One of my friends, who works for an Indian investment bank got a request from senior management to help identify all Russian and Ukrainian account; probably to freeze the accounts. Crimea became a war Zone. There was conflict of old and young, regionalism and Nationalism, Tradition and Modern Thought. Above all, I thought that there was a conflict between might and mouse.

Then comes the ISIS. The Islamic state of Iraq has put up a mind boggling ‘war’, if I am allowed to call it so. The Sunni Minority rose to the decades stretching Oppression? Tony Blair was very ahead in condemning that the Iraqi war of America and Britain is the reason for this current state of affairs in Iraq. Was in not Britain and France’s strategy in the World War I that has caused a thousand and one con-circumstances in this region? Surprisingly, America and Iran are ‘trying’ to collaborate on this issue of fighting the Iraqi Sunni Jihadists. I often wonder if the assurance of American support makes a country more cowardly; South Vietnam for Instance.

As the topping on a blood cake, comes the Karachi airport attacks in Pakistan. The state that has an intelligence network built on certain principles, is now succumbing to the leftists of the same ideologies. KGB was not dreaded for no ordinary reason. People working in KGB were psychologically, in a dimension that a Free State psychiatrist could not gauge. They worked for a blind ideal, devoid of any scientific reasoning, and worked hard, With the collapse of the Soviet Union, came the collapse of communist ideology (to a larger extent, before it rose again with China). ISI has latched on to one of the core concepts of Islam and probably re-dimensioned it to its advantage. With all due respect, I would like to say that people who are too attached to something will eventually go bonkers if they sense a minor threat to what they love. ISI has used this psychological condition to their advantage for long, before it got bitten by the same snake that they have been feeding.

I am not sure if I have been more observant of late, or if it is really true, I feel like I am living in one of the most turbulent times since the World War II.

I hope Peace reclaims this planet one more, whatever consequences the human race might have to pay. Hope the Flora and Fauna of the planet prevails.

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