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Dhanadhan Dhoni

It is 3:13 am in the morning and I just came out of my room, not able to bear the dismal show put up by the Indian Batting line up (the best in the world on the paper… supposedly) in their final match against South Africa at the T20 World cup Final.

So what do I do now, my lower eye brow right eye is…you know… literally translating.. kind of shaking, generally people say it indicates that something good is going to happen, but I think that this is an after effect of sleeping for 13 hours a day (from morning 4 am to 5 pm in the evening). So what good would happen if I slept for13 hours a day.. hmm.

What do we have here in the other window of my comp?! Oh, this is my regular Gulti gossip site, and there is an Aishwary Rai album and the title reads “Gallery: Spicy Aishwarya Rai on Verve”. Was she ever spicy? I never found her spicy!! In the earlier part of her career, I did not even find her beautiful. But as time passed by, she became (or might be I started finding her) beautiful, kind of Elven (the LOTR Elven I mean) glow became more visible in her. And unfortunately, that’s when she got married to “red Bandar”!  Otherwise, the only woman I have always thought to be beautiful was Sonali Bendre!! There was no other bollywood actress whom I could ever compare with her in terms of Beauty.

It is 3:19 am now and I will soon be on the sofa, trying to sleep in this very uncomfortable mattress that is spread on it. Harbhajan’s just out and India needs 31 of 16 balls! Does India have the balls… I don’t care! Wow, this phrase I don’t care is a very good one!! One could always say this and get relieved from whatever junk he has in his mind. But right now, I seriously don’t care about this Indian match. I know Avi and Deepak would be watching this match (mostly because of their fantasy teams, if I am not wrong, they should have put Yuvraj in their team… ). I have been watching too much cricket and it started to bore me. And think I am following a new mantra, I worry for things that I can control ( which I obviously don’t do, I don’t worry for things which r most imp to me sometimes!!).

One can find out from this piece of writing (if they are jobless enough to read till here) that I am too sleepy, and I want the readers to note a point that, a person deprived of sleep is equal to an alcoholic in a certain way.  It is 3:35 am in my comp and Yuvraj is Out. But I wil have to remind my readers again that I don’t care!

I love Dhoni - The doodh wala!

MAN!!! What the bloody fcukin fcuk!!! We are losing all the matches that We are playing man!! B*****D World Champions!! I have been writing all this bullshit, just to pass my time and see the end over of match because I would not be able to see the losing match.

Kool vanga Kool…..  deep breath… I don’t care… Dhoni, U are “awesome shit!”!

And now Cricbuzz reads “Proteos shun hapless India”. Nice work Dhoni!! Keep it up!! 3:48 am and I am off to sleep….


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