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So, I had an accident today. My Bro was dropping me to the GMAT classes, 7 AM in the morning and on the highway. 80 Kmph speed at the start of stage 1. My bro was riding the bike.

A truck was crossing the divider to get into the gully on our side of the lane. My bro first thought of crossing the truck from the front, can see it from the path in stage 1.

Later he decided that with the pickup from this bike, he could not afford to do that. So he changed the trajectory to stage 2, decelerated from 80 kmph to 40 kmph.

At the end of stage 2, he got mad! He suddenly got pissed at the driver that he had come to a halt and that my bros calculations were goin wrong, instead of breaking further, he removed his leg from the brake and was trying to eye the truck driver!!! Donno, might be to scold him or somethin!!

And then came stage 3, where he was on VELOCITY of 40kmph, I came to understand that somethin was wrong and was like “dude look!!” “dude look!!” BANGcrashTring, we were on the road.

I was alrite, 2 bruises thats it. Bro had bad hand brush. He shouted (still both of us on the road), Bhai!! haat chud gaya lagta hain!! I was tensed. People gathered around, Good thing, nothin on his head and hes walking. Someone called Ambulance, He was put on stretchers and moved to the hospital.He was able to move the hand by then! I concluded that it was nt a fracture and then i started smiling. I was looking at him and smiling!! LOL!

His hand got badly brushed though… got 13 stitches on the elbow! People asked me to take a tetanus injection for my bruises, which i did not, for some reason :S. I came back home, bro came back after 2 hours, x-ray and radiography test….

He deserved it…


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