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First day home!

I am here, I am home… The plane ride was pretty fucked up, probably the most fucked up journey ever!! Slept for 3 hours in the nite and bad mood swings with that stupid ass inturepted sleep cycles in the planes… And i was goin home. Didnt know what to expect and as i thought, didnt seem it was the same reception that it used to be earlier…

Came home frm airport, new airport in hyderabad!! After i came out, my bro asked me how the airport was. I replied : its ok.. Donno if he felt a bit pissed off but he started shouted that he told me that this is the biggest airport in asia and he just asked me for the heck of it and he doesnt care abt my review of airport.

Came home, he was applyin to some MBA college, with cat score. Had to write some essay answer for him in 1 hour or so. I was already tired. But yea, cannot say no to him!! Did that, collected his photos, went to the GPO where there was a 24 hour speed post!! I didnt know that!

Home air, very polluted!!  Riding on the bike with my brother (which is always like a rash drive on the roas, i dont mind it though, hes good enuf), think my hair is gonna get screwed soon and donno abt my skin, but who cares!!

Guys, today was totally weird.  Yea, did laugh a bit though with bro!! Too sleepy to type humorous stuff. Were mostly teasin an uncle of mine (2 years older only :P).


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